Beauty and the Bee

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The Beauty of Bees

Consider that at least 20, but perhaps as many as 40, species of solitary, stingless, bumble and honeybees quietly have gone about enriching the tapestry of life for over million years. Our early ancestors perhaps as far back as the Old Stone Age , millions of years ago, and certainly in the Middle Stone Age beginning around , years ago revered the bees and sought their honey because it's the sweetest natural substance that nature has to offer. Drawings carved into rock-walls, called petroglyphs, in almost sites in 17 regions -- including Europe, North and South Africa, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia recorded the cherished "honey-hunts" in spectacular details.

I'm constantly encouraging my students to travel. For those privileged enough to have visited any of the honey-hunting petroglyphs -- there is an incredible energy and mysticism that's exuded through this art.

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Researchers hypothesize that some honey-hunters were actually clan shaman, reputed to have supernatural powers. Take for example a honeybee hive. It's a city of about ,, mostly females, governed by a queen, who runs a very tight and highly profitable food service industry with zero unemployment amongst workers.

A Beauty Minute with Bee Shapiro

The industry begins before sunrise and continues to operate seamlessly until well after sunset. Like any one of our human industrial operations, honeybees work with up-to-date information. Bees, unlike humans, are able to quickly change their production lines and in a matter of minutes, tens of thousands of worker bees update their memory banks and immediately begin new tasks -- all for the common good of the city or hive. I suspect that William Shakespeare spent many hours watching honeybees around Stratford-upon-Avon for he, too, was intrigued with them and wrote about bees in Henry V: And it turns out, each year, that not only do honeybees give humans 2.

Bumblebees are two to three times bigger than honeybees, visit two to three times more flowers than their smaller brethren, resulting in 16 hour works days, seven days a week.

Beauty and the Bee by Lindsay Price - Theatrefolk

In fact, helicopters mimic the same aerodynamic principles used by bumblebees to lift-off and fly. Helicopters use reverse-pitch semi-rotary blades.

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Each time bumblebee's wings swing back and forth one oscillation cycle , a type of cavity or vacuum is produced in the air above the wing. This cavity provides extra lift for the large bumblebee and her heavy payload of pollen, nectar, water or tree resin.

Bumblebees are helping humans solve the age-old question that the traveling salesman constantly grapples with: Although their brains may be the size of a pinhead, bumblebees clearly show advanced cognitive capacities with very few neurons. Today we are one step closer to understanding how bumblebee brains work because of ground breaking research conducted by 28 British schoolchildren aged 8 to 10 who discovered that buff-tailed bumblebees Bombus terrestris use a combination of colors and spatial relationships in deciding which color of flower to forage from.

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The Beauty of Bees

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Beauty and the Bees (It's tough to be a bug)

Beauty and the Bee by Lindsay Price Catherine is a beauty queen. Add to Cart Get a Quote. Pricing Info Free Sample Pages. Prop List Three cereal bowls with spoons, Big knapsack for Cosette with big notebook and big pen, Small purse for Catherine, Cell phone for Catherine, Bag that holds healthy snacks, Corn Dog, paper plate, napkin. What is a Vignette Play?

Beauty and the Bee Beauty and the Bee
Beauty and the Bee Beauty and the Bee
Beauty and the Bee Beauty and the Bee
Beauty and the Bee Beauty and the Bee
Beauty and the Bee Beauty and the Bee

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