Broken Vows, Shattered Dreams

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Darkness ebbed from her vision, momentarily.

She heard garbled versions of Bankotsu's screams before all became vivid. She reacted too late. Kimiko last memory was the flash of cold steel glinting in the winter sun before it so mercilessly swooped down upon her loved one's neck, silencing his screams forever. That memory shall haunt her relentlessly, and follow her after death and into the fiery pits of the afterlife. Kagome slid the shrine's door behind her, the knapsack heavy on her back. Inuyasha sat, waiting on the edge of the well. One leg crossed over his knee, his arms folded within his sleeves. It took her long enough, " I was about to come looking for you.

It's hard living in the feudal era and not knowing when your next bath will be! Kagome looked down, she had changed back into her old green and white school uniform. Somehow, she felt comforted by it. Inuyasha shook his head. He would never understand women as long as he lived. We'll stay at Kaede's tonight and get and early start in the morning. Just once, she'd like to sleep in. This shouldn't have to feel like work. It should be a thrilling adventure! It was like she'd fallen into a fairy tale, and she should be able to live it like one.

Don't you think we deserve a break? Inuyasha did not waver. He scruntized her, begrudgingly. There was no point in arguing this with Inuyasha, " What happened while I was gone?

Jesus in HD 65: Shattered Dreams, Broken Hearts, Unfulfilled Longings

Inuyasha, bemused, eyed her for a moment, as if debating whether or not he should tell her," Well Kagome already knew Naraku disapeared, but what she did not know was that a new demonic aura replaced his. We don't know whose it is yet, but there have been reports of phatoms or something roaming about. Miroku believes that with Naraku gone, all the rabble have become free and possibly Ressurected. This was turning into a real horror flick, " Alright.

It vanished in a ray of purple light. Just as Kagome prepared to jump in, She over heard Shippo's screams through the open portal. Inuyasha's ears twitched and he heard Kirara's shreik. Kagome held her breath, holding onto Inuyasha's robe. Inuyasha jumped into the well, journeying to the other side. Kimiko stood at Kagome's door.

No one had answered when she knocked, now she felt foolish for not calling ahead of time. Or maybe someone was home, but Kagome was too upset to see her. No, that can't be it. Kagome isn't petty like that. A distant sound touched her ears and she turned to the direction it came from. Suddenly, she recalled every fighting skill she ever learned, but it was useless. Koenma had bound her powers.

At the time, when her father transported her to the modern era at Bankotsu's death, she was too emotionally unstable to control them and they proved more of a danger to her and those in the surrounding area. Kimiko stared at the palms of her hands, feeling weak and helpless. Bankotsu's voice ringing loud and vivid inside her ears. As much as it pained her, her strength came from Bankotsu. What she wouldn't give to see them again. The pendent dangled at the hollow of her neck, glowing softly, a beam of spiritual light leading her in the direction of the Higurashi shrine.

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She looked around, checking to see if anyone was present, then jogged across the yard, sneaking inside the shrine. I feel so stupid. Like a horror movie waiting to happen. Kimiko surveyed the room.

Feeling something furry nuzzling at her leg she almost screamed. Looking down, she saw Kagome's chubby cat Buyo. Bending down, she lifted Buyo into her arms. The cat mewled and purred against her breast, playing at the jewel looped at Kimiko's neck. The jewel emanated a deep, violet and the well reacted. The voices faded and Kimiko gasped. If she were born in this time, she'd thought that strange The daughter of the Angel of Death bent on destruction, a priestess turned assassin She let buyo down and walked to the edge of the well, peering inside. She saw violet light reacting to her pendent's gleam, her father's voice, deep and sinister, chanting in a maleficent aria.

Kimiko closed her eyes, a rush breaking over her skin as blood pulsed faster through her veins. The bright glow of power resonated inside her chest, threatening to unleash itself. The exotic insignia, 3 arcs warped around the sign of the gemini, etched into her forehead, and faded just as quickly. She clenched her fist, feeling pure, unrestrained power surging in her veins.

My father broke Koenma's binding spell. I don't know whether I should thank him or be suspicious. She put on foot on the rim of the well, staring into the threshold. A voice, ominous yet beguiled, spoke gently to her, Destiny named you of ill-birth, and I have given you the power to alter fate. What I have bestowed upon you! Kimiko felt a touch at the back of her neck, as if someone whispered into her ear, "Go! She was a fool to listen to him of all people. Yet what lured her was not his beckon, nor Kagome's voice She stepped up onto the rim of the well and jumped inside, swallowed by the violet light.

Inuyasha flexed his lengthened claws, soaring past Sango's Hiraikotsu as it returned to her hand. The centapede skittered across the ground, launching into the air, crashing into Inuyasha head on. Inuyasha sliced through it like a knife through a tatter cloth. It's carcass scattered into a thousand pieces, dematerializing into dust. Kagome and Shippo cheered, relieved that that was over, " Yay Inuyasha! Inuyasha drifted, the wind billowing the thick, red folds of his kimono; his soft hair waving about his neck. Kagome gazed at him, her heart fluttering in her chest. Get a grip girl! Inuyasha basked in the coolness of the wind, lost in sudden euphoria as his nose inhaled a luxurious scent, one that triggered memories lost, but never forgotten.

Inuyasha wandered in nostalgic bliss, the unmistakably smell of water mingled with rose petals. Kimiko found herself at the bottom of the well, yet she knew by the instinct that she'd traveled back to the past. It wasn't until she climbed up the vine and to the edge that she knew how far back she traveled. Inhaling the clean air. It was Shippo who spotted her first. Miroku and Sango staring down at him with equal curiousity. All stared at the well, a waved of mixed emotions washing over them. Kagome gasped, and dropped the young fox demon from her arms. Someone other than herself had traveled through the well!

And that someone was Now she knew her secret!

Everything would be ruined! Miroku, taken aback by their new visitor, tapped Kagome on the shoulder, his eyes fixated on Kimiko's uniform. The obsidian shirt rounded nicely at her ample breast, gaping open in a too much, not enough, fashion. Kagome didn't speak, still taken by the awe of it. Inuyasha drifted in the air, beautiful as she remembered. She craned her neck, meeting his golden gaze with her midnight eyes. Inuyasha's expression had not changed.

Serene, tinged by mild astonishment. Although he knew his Kimiko long dead, this woman looked just like her. Was she a reincarnation as well? Inuyasha's feet touched the ground and they gazed at one another. Fear battled with anxiety within Kagome's chest as she watched the two, as did Miroku, Sango, a nervous Shippo, and Kirara. She blinked once, her tone polite, a hint of awe lit her voice like music, " Inuyasha Inuyasha's eyes lit up in shock, his breath caught quickly, "It is you. She fingered the pendent at her neck, a pallet of emotions flowing through her.

The jewel showing to her the memories she tried her hardest to forget. She no longer stared at him with innocent eyes. No, she glared at him with eyes brimming with hurt and rejection. The eyes of a lover scorned. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. A thought struck her, The scent of water? Kagome held her stomache, feeling guilt churning this time.

Kimiko looked alike like-- "Kagome! He is NOT the one I love! Admist her memories, she slipped into a distant slumber. This was absurd, " But Lady--" "You're dismissed. Kimiko sighed, amusement in her voice, " You can come out now. I think Shrai does it purposely to bother you. Kimiko wept; She would never gaze at their beautiful faces ever again.

Unknown to him, Time distorted, coming to all but a halt. It's a giant centapede! Yet, something compelled her to stay. You were never so helpless! Estuans Interius burning inside Ira Vehement with violent anger Venias, surgite Oh come, arise Mei liberi my child Mei bellus volaticus liberi my beautiful, winged child Somnus est non your rest is gone Kimiko closed her eyes, a rush breaking over her skin as blood pulsed faster through her veins.

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Her emotions ran the gamut, from anguish as he raped her to unbelief at his attempt to comfort her afterward with words of love. She wept bitterly as she thought of her future, which was now hopelessly ruined forever. All that was ahead of her now were years of living alone and in disgrace. She was now unworthy of marriage, having been robbed of the most precious part of her dowry—her virginity. She fought off the waves of despair that threatened to consume her. But Shechem claimed he loved her, and sought to redeem what could have been construed as a tragic event.

She marveled at the calm reaction of her brothers as they set about creating the terms of agreement for their union. What could they be up to? She soon found out. As all the men of the city of Shechem recuperated from the agreed-upon circumcision, chaos broke out. Her brothers arrived, killing, pillaging and looting those now unable to defend themselves. Dinah numbly moved through the flurry of activity that ensued as they hastily packed and fled to avoid certain retaliation.

How could things have gone so wrong? This was not the life Dinah had planned for herself. She pinched herself to awake from this horrid dream, but as her tears blurred the road before her, she realized she was indeed awake. Her life would become as endlessly dry and desolate as the scenery that stretched like a long yawn before her. Her brothers seemed self-satisfied that their honor was now intact, won by their act of revenge. But honor meant nothing to her. Things reel out of control. Surprise twists and turns in the journey of life cause us to feel violated, robbed of our own good intentions.

Regret can leave us despairing, stripped of our joy and our peace, feeling unending despondency. Hopes for a better tomorrow are wrenched from our hearts as others rationalize why we should be able to move on. Matters of the heart cannot be compartmentalized or tucked into neat little theories. The heart, shaped in the image of the One who loves us most, feels what it feels in spite of itself and forces us to reconcile our longings by placing them in the hands of the only One who can redeem them.

Dear heavenly Father, somehow my life has gotten beyond my reach, and my dreams have been scattered to the wind.

Broken Vows, Shattered Dreams Broken Vows, Shattered Dreams
Broken Vows, Shattered Dreams Broken Vows, Shattered Dreams
Broken Vows, Shattered Dreams Broken Vows, Shattered Dreams
Broken Vows, Shattered Dreams Broken Vows, Shattered Dreams
Broken Vows, Shattered Dreams Broken Vows, Shattered Dreams

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