The Count of Lopinot

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The Lopinot Museum

Many of the original residents of the area are descendants of French Creole migrants to the island following the Cedula of Population Today, the small village of Lopinot remains largely unchanged despite the fact that the cocoa estates have been cleared to a large extent to facilitate the building of the school, the church and houses. Cocoa estates still remain, and many people still engage in agriculture for a living.

Also, remains of his cocoa houses and a jail are still evident in the village. By the s, the Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Board found that the Lopinot Village had great potential as a historic site and began to restore old structures to maintain the historical appeal of the village. Thus, Lopinot Village remains a part of Trinidad and Tobago that blossoms with natural and almost undisturbed beauty, and limitless history to be appreciated by all.

The village is reportedly haunted by a soucouyant , and the ghost of Loppinot himself as seen in Ghost Hunters International. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved from " https: Populated places in Trinidad and Tobago. You will definitely enjoy the drive like me if you like a long winding road, alongside bamboo trees and other trees forming an arch over the road in some areas.

Lopinot – A Charming Tour Down History !

It is an easy drive since you will simply need to remain on Lopinot Road until you reach the complex. There are also many road signs for the complex along the way. Also, one will learn lots about Parang , the national Christmas music, whose lyrics are in Spanish. This French soldier would have lived in various parts of the Caribbean and North America to finally find his most fruitful and prosperous time in Trinidad.

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If you want details on Compte de Lopinot, you can read more Here. Mr Gomez will also give you a background story for each items inside the museum. From framed photos to furniture to coffee beans, among others. To the audience surprise, they discovered several items snakes in jars, tree seeds, etc. We briefly stood in front of a mud oven, located behind the museum.

Lopinot Historical Museum

Explanations were given on how to use it. Nowadays, that oven is used, once a month, as bread is baked in it, then offered for sale. Mr Gomez will speak of the origins of Parang. In Lopinot, unlike the rest of the country, Parang is not only heard during the Christmas season. The visitors were slightly spooked after hearing a few ghost stories which took place in and around the Complex. Mr Gomez firmly believes the ghost of Count de Lopinot still roams around at the complex to this day. Ghost Hunters International admits that Lopinot is among the top destinations they have filmed.

Lopinot - Wikipedia

This is due to the intensity and the multitude of mind-boggling paranormal activities they got to record during their stay at both the caves and the complex. You can click here to watch this amazing 5-minute video made by Ghost Hunters International, in which they reveals their jaw-dropping findings in Lopinot. You can also read more on their findings here.

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Overall, Mr Gomez was very pleasant and quite entertaining. How I wished my History teachers were like him back in my school days, lol!

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  6. Trinidad is known to have one of the best Cocoa beans in the world learn more about the local Cocoa industry here. So instead of the cherry on top, this tour comes with Chocolate toppings! Some handmade craft, souvenirs and other yummy treats, beside chocolate organic fruity lollies, Tulum, Sugar cakes, Homemade wine, etc are also on sale. This technique is used by cocoa farmers before they take the beans to sell them at the market. Mix a bucketful of cocoa beans with several hours of dancing and a little bit of water and Voila!!

    Lopinot Historical Complex, Trinidad

    The farmer gets himself some super shiny beans to show off with! He then headed to Louisiana until he recognized signs of future annexation by the United States.

    Lopinot Complex, Trinidad and Tobago: Address, Lopinot Complex Reviews: 4/5

    His journey then continued to the Caribbean territory of Santo Domingo known as Dominican Republic and Haiti today which was, at the time, one of the wealthiest sugar-producing territories of the world. It was at this time that Loppinot seized the economically viable opportunity to become a sugar planter.

    He soon amassed great wealth and acquired land, slaves and a good reputation among his fellow associates. However, his stay in Santo Domingo was curtailed as a result of slave uprisings which began in After fighting alongside the British in an attempt to reclaim the island, he fled when victory proved unattainable. After this stint, Loppinot petitioned the British Secretary of State for the Colonies to get compensation for property lost in Santo Domingo.

    Thus, when the British annexed Trinidad in , the Secretary of State for the Colonies gave Loppinot instruction to go to the island to receive a grant of land by the Governor, Thomas Picton. Loppinot entered Trinidad in along with his wife, children and about one hundred slaves but was disappointed to learn that Picton had not been informed by the British Secretary of State for the Colonies and so no grant of land was made.

    The Count of Lopinot The Count of Lopinot
    The Count of Lopinot The Count of Lopinot
    The Count of Lopinot The Count of Lopinot
    The Count of Lopinot The Count of Lopinot
    The Count of Lopinot The Count of Lopinot
    The Count of Lopinot The Count of Lopinot

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